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BSC presents BODY by Thierry Porter

  • Blue Shop Cottage Blue Shop Cottage london United Kingdom (map)

‘BODY’ is a collection of figurative work, exploring themes of mindfulness, identity, consciousness and minimalism. ‘BODY’ at Blue Shop Cottage is Thierry Porter’s first solo show consisting of paintings and drawings inspired by the nude figure.

“There is something incredibly vulnerable about a nude figure, something very stripped back from the things we think make us who we are. I am drawn to vulnerability but at the same time terrified of it. I think that’s something most people can relate to. Being quite introverted, I have always been attracted to simplicity which gives me space to breathe in an overstimulated society. So much can be said with so little. In this way, painting becomes a meditative experience for me, providing peace of mind. Inspiration comes in many forms, and my work often reflects the state of mind I’m in at the time. Each drawing tells a story, allowing you to engage with it to finish off the narrative. “
- Thierry Porter, Artist

“Freelance illustrator and artist Thierry Porter gained an interest in contemporary art during his time at Cornwall’s Falmouth University. His work often revolves around themes of mindfulness, identity, and connection through representations of the human figure. Porter aims to maintain a balance between simplicity and detail in his works – trying to show as much as possible with as little as possible.”

– My Chameleon

“Thierry harnesses the natural form to express self acceptance. His work inspires us to be vulnerable in our natural form. His simple storytelling encourages us to discover self-love. It's a wonder that through such minimalist pieces, he can convey such a majestic and meaningful mood.”

– Spacey Studios